We value the diverse skills, talents, experiences and cultures of our team of facilitators, coaches, associates, advisory board and support team. We know that it takes the right people in the right positions to realise our purpose, mission and vision.

We are committed to nurturing, developing and growing socially responsible leaders within our consultancy and within our clients’ organisations.

We have an expert team of psychologists, process workers, researchers, course designers, accredited facilitators and coaches.

Cathy Bernatt

Cathy has three Masters degrees, in Leadership Studies, Conflict Facilitation and Organizational Change and Process Work

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Gert-Jan van Wijk

Initiated a global network of world-class faculty and facilitators in Executive Development.

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Zola Gule

It is said; “We teach what we need to learn.”

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Kirsten Klopper

It is an extraordinary privilege to enter into a space of deep listening and connecting with one another

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