We value the diverse skills, talents, experiences and cultures of our team of facilitators, coaches, associates, advisory board and support team. We know that it takes the right people in the right positions to realise our purpose, mission and vision.

We are committed to nurturing, developing and growing socially responsible leaders within our consultancy and within our clients’ organisations.

We have an expert team of psychologists, process workers, researchers, course designers, accredited facilitators and coaches.

Veronica King

Veronica is a global executive coach and master facilitator.

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Mabule Mokhine

I like what I do because I believe the challenges facing humanity and nature, of which human beings are part, point to the need for a just and more human-centred world.

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Desiree Paulsen

I enjoy working at a level where I can bring about and influence change at a larger systemic level.

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Rebecca Freeth

I get a thrill out of facilitating groups because they’re an endless source of learning, for me and for the members of the groups.

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