"Veronica upholds the highest standards of professionalism in all she does. She is a passionate and dedicated coach who partners with her clients as they pursue professional excellence. Her skills, expertise and knowledge make her an ideal coach for a South African business leader."


"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Veronica King of Emuthini Consulting as my executive coach for several months. I have gained knowledge in a number of segments. Through her programme I have grown a succinct ability to manage expectations and deliver to the highest standards with clarity and decisiveness, which will serve as a benefit for many years to come."


"From a personal perspective, the one-on-one coaching was time well spent; I learned how to utilise my strengths and recognise my own blind spots. Ms King has developed a unique programme that offers a customised coaching experience in the context of one’s own personality and actual job, as well as the corporation’s core strategy and vision. Her programme promotes personal clarity in thought, intention and commitment, accountability, focus, energy, decisiveness, effective time management, communicating for success, successful execution against targets, following through, work-life balance and much more."

Standard Bank

"The Diversity, Inclusion and Transformation programme elicited emotions and provoked thought that has challenged me to become more accountable."

"The workshop opened my eyes about diversity, and I am now fully aware of what diversity is all about."

"Love the engagement and the creation of an enabling environment to share freely."

"I will learn to be more sensitive to other people's ideas and shortcomings."

"All folk on this Earth are equal and should be respected, no matter what. No group or individual is entitled to dominate or abuse another."

"It was a truly profound experience and I encourage my colleagues to grab the opportunity of doing likewise if and when it comes their way! It’s a must for anyone who is committed to the future of South Africa."


"A safe environment was created. The content was not only taken/referenced from reading material, but real stories/experiences. The museum experience was humbling and a true example of diversity."

"Allowed the 'introverts' to share when they were ready."

"This SETA-accredited programme was absolutely brilliantly facilitated – felt at ease and welcome to express my point of view."

"We will ensure that we equip our teams and ensure action, and leave positive values to sustain this business."

"The facilitators were brilliant and encouraged group participation perfectly, as they gave people the chance to speak but did not make people uncomfortable and force them to share."