Cathy Bernatt

Living in Japan for 20 years, Cathy spent 7 years as a Senior Corporate Trainer inside a major Japanese corporation. In 1999 she left to fulfill a dream and vision of helping Realize Unlimited Potential in People & Organizations.

Her clients include multi-national corporations, NGO’s and educational institutions in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, the U.S. and Central, Eastern & Western Europe. Her professional focus is working long-term in organizational systems on injecting humanity back in and waking leaders up from the inside-out. Passionate about working to transform conflict, build sustainable and healthy relationship systems, work with women and girls on challenges of intellectual inferiority and on helping people discover, live and offer their deepest gifts and powers to themselves and the world at large.

Her passions include playing Japanese drums (taiko), camping and wandering in nature’s vast wilderness and on telling human stories through documentary filmmaking.